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Making miniature truck to bring a load of good recollections!


Second Scale Models publishing in Australia's Scania magazine

Summary article on the start in modeling and the current samples of Scania truck miniatures.

Scania L75 metal scale truck

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Scania scale model - Assembly line Project B

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Scania scale trucks

Scania Experience Magazine of Australia

Oficina Aberta - A Bit of History







van has been making models of trucks since childhood. Then, as now, the roads of Brazil were filled with many Scania trucks: L75, L111 and LK140 models. Even though there were other brands of trucks, the Scanias were the most noticeable because they were the most imposing and also because of the unique orange colour. “Scania began with the light grey colour in Brazil, and then turned to blue, and by the 1980s they were painted in orange,” he says.
     “That is what I associate with Scania from my childhood and teenage years, plus the sounds of the engine and the air brakes. Those Scania trucks smelled of torque and I had to have a model of one.

    “To make the models was also a
challenge. I always tried to make the cabs from old cooking oil cans. The panels were attached with thin wire from the chicken wire of the henhouse. Today, I solder the panels with the same soldering wire that is used in electronics.

     “It is difficult to say how much time I


Truck model maker
Ivan Gouveia is based in Brazil and has devoted thousands of hours making models of Scania trucks.

spent on each model because sometimes I make several of the same parts for about five to ten trucks. But generally it takes about two weeks per unit.

     “Now I sell most of them, and there are times when I have none in stock. Demand from people outside Brazil is high and some people are happy to wait even for four months to have one model because I have to schedule the building of the model. Depending on the amount of detailing, a model can cost from about US$500, with more customising the price goes up.
     “I like the classic models



most, and I plan to make many models of this kind. I have an unfinished L85 that is an imposing truck that has an in-line 8-cylinder engine. I am also interested in making vintage models like the ones from the beginning of the last century.
     Today, making these model trucks is a way to recapture some of my lost childhood – I had to start working too early – and it is a therapy also. The model making is also an important part of my income and I hope it will sustain me in later years also.
      “I have worked as a teacher, an
electronics technician and then a computer programmer, but I like spending time with scale modelling the best.
      Through my website where I post not only the pictures of the model trucks but also how they are made, I have made many friends all around the world,” he says.
      Follow Ivan on Facebook here: https://



The Back Page of the Scania Experience Magazine of Australia was entirely reproduced here and was slightly adapted to meet the format of this website.

Scania Experience is published by Scania Australia

Source: Scania Experience Magazine of Australia
Special thanks to Alexander Corne, Scania Australia

Many thanks to the people who have appreciated my work.

Ivan Gouveia


My comments on this publication:

1. The profile address on facebook is no longer valid as I have stopped using it.

2. The price of the models quoted in the article is the minimum practiced here and, therefore, does not serve as a basis for budgets. It may also be outdated.


Ivan Gouveia

Post graduate in Computer Networking from FACIMED - Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of Cacoal. Graduate in Information Technology from UNESC - Union of Colleges of Cacoal. Has a CCNA (Cisco) as complementary course on Computer Networks. Is professional in the field of Electronics and Computer Programming. Programmer in languages Delphi and Visual Basic.