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Making miniature truck to bring a load of good recollections!


First Scale Models publishing in Australia's Scania magazine

Summary article on the start in modeling and the current samples of Scania truck miniatures.

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Scania Experience Magazine of Australia

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Scania Experience #6


Models of perfection



van Gouveia has a gift possessed by very few, the talent and temperament to create a precision scale model that is so detailed in the photos you could be fooled into thinking it is the real thing.

The Brazilian laptop repairer builds models in his spare time, and in the past year has switched his focus to Scania trucks, which are extremely popular on the roads of is native land.

The model pictured is his first Scania, an L 111 (Brazilian version), though an L 36 or L 50 will be next, joining the many other makes he has already completed in his quest to document the past 70 years of trucks seen on Brazil's roads.

Ivan has been hampered by a lack of documentation with dimensions of the actual trucks so has created his masterpieces using only images drawn from the internet, which makes replicating body panel curves all the more tricky.

“The angles and the curves are deceiving, especially seen only on pictures,” Ivan says.
“I sculpt all the moulds in steel using a scale of 1:25. My plan is to complete about 36 models


of Scania, comprising L 36, L 55, LS 64, L 75, LS85, L 111 in day cab and sleeper. and LK 140 cab-over.

Ivan's focus on Scania has come from his fans and customers, who have demanded so many  models he practically cannot make any to keep for himself.

“People say: ‘Sell it to me. You can make another one for yourself at any time.’ But I want to keep one example of every model I make. Particularly after having done so much research I have become attached to these trucks, especially the classic ones.

Models sell for around US$1,100 each.
“I do not make prototypes out of clay, but use bumper filler, sometimes a mould takes a month to make, but the quality is very good, and must be superior to mass-produced examples.

Ivan says that for some interiors, where reference material is not readily available he relies on experience and a dash of imagination.

For the featured Brazilian model L 111, slightly different to the more familiar European model, the rear corner window is bigger, but aside from that the detailing is spectacular.

    To see more of Ivan's work, visit


The Back Page of the Scania Experience Magazine of Australia was entirely reproduced here and was slightly adapted to meet the format of this website.

Scania Experience is published by Scania Australia

Source: Scania Experience Magazine of Australia
Special thanks to Alexander Corne, Scania Australia

Many thanks to the people who have appreciated my work.

Ivan Gouveia


My comments on this publication:

1. The price of the scale models quoted in the article is the minimum practiced at the time, 2011, which was in Brazilian R$ and was described in US dollar by mistake. It does not serve as a basis for budgets because it is outdated.



Ivan Gouveia

Post graduate in Computer Networking from FACIMED - Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of Cacoal. Graduate in Information Technology from UNESC - Union of Colleges of Cacoal. Has a CCNA (Cisco) as complementary course on Computer Networks. Is professional in the field of Electronics and Computer Programming. Programmer in languages Delphi and Visual Basic.